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  • Word of the Year 2020

    Hello there! Happy New year! I know its 9th of January 2020 and I am too late for a word of the year post. But as the saying goes, better late than never. So here I am writing this post and making the connection between us more personal. Because life is not always happy or […]

  • Schedule your Instagram posts and take a social media break

    I completed 6 years of blogging and being on instagram in December. I have seen the social media’s rise and how it has enabled us content creators to earn a living from it. But there is also a dark side to social media and we all at some point have felt that we just need […]

  • What is Veganism or Vegan Food?

    The first thing that people tell me when I say being Vegan is really easy is “Yaar but maine kabhi Vegan Khana nahi khaya hai.” And when they say this, I generally want to ask them “ Kyu tumhare ghar pe chawal, dal, roti nahi banti?” I understand India is known for its food and […]

  • How I learnt to live with my illness

    It’s been 10 months now that I am unwell. After 3 sonographies, blood work, and finally a colour Doppler test the root cause was detected inside my body. All my life I had PCOD and I never knew what having a normal menstrual cycle felt like. But this time the results were different because the […]

  • Millennials are changing the way our society functions

    Let’s all take a moment to thank Gen Y or the Millennials, as they are now called, for taking up the right causes and creating a better world for us all. Let us also thank Gen Z for being so accepting and joining us in everything that was important. And a very special mention to […]

  • Today is the 208th day of the year!

    Today is the 208th day of the year! This post is a reminder for you, the hardworking soul who despite everything that you face every day continues to do a little something for yourself. On most days, just like me, you forget to put yourself first, or second or sometimes on the list at all. We have […]

  • How starting a home business can boost your confidence as a mom

    I am a listener. But I am also a blogger. The little amount of time & energy that I spend on Instagram is spent listening to fellow moms and women. Over the past 3 years, moms have shared their stories with me via Direct messages. This post is inspired by all the amazing conversations that […]

  • 12 things women need to stop apologising for in 2019

    1. Saying No  Believe it or not, you have the right to say NO and you don’t need to be guilty or apologise for saying no to anybody. Be it your children, your family, your colleagues or even your boss. Like the opposite gender you have a choice to make and if you choose NO […]

  • 365 Blog Post Ideas

    Blogging since 2018 has more become about sharing our views & experiences with our followers than writing informative blog posts. If you are someone who wants to work with brands and earn a living, then instead of focusing on the informative posts you should focus more on personalised and real content. Subscribe here to get […]

  • Motivation Board – Desktop Wallpaper

    Hello! I have been trying to make my workspace more motivational ever since I rearranged the furtinture of our room. So this time instead of making a motivational wall I thought of making a desktop wallpaper. Because it will not create any paper waste. Because it is free. Because I have dedicated my laptop only […]

  • Unlearn

    When I first got to know about my pregnancy, I thought I would have to learn so many new things. Little did I knew that to learn new things I would first have to unlearn the things that I was asked to believe and learn all my life.  The first thing that I unlearned was […]

  • Free Tools for bloggers

    I started blogging in December 2013 and it has been an on-off relationship since then. But in these past 4 years, I have self-taught my self-everything that I do or know related to blogging. Here is a list of tools that every blogger should have (doesn’t matter if you are new or a seasoned one). […]

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