Schedule your Instagram posts and take a social media break

I completed 6 years of blogging and being on instagram in December. I have seen the social media’s rise and how it has enabled us content creators to earn a living from it. But there is also a dark side to social media and we all at some point have felt that we just need to take a break from social media or work. Even though we took breaks, we were either still on social media or on our phones. Or we were feeling guilty about not being able to post on Instagram.

I have taken numerous breaks from social media, without feeling guilty about not posting or without feeling the Fear of Missing Out. Also, I didn’t spend a single rupee to get my work done nor did I hire a social media manager for just posting my content online. I used and still use Hootsuite to schedule 30 days worth of content and then delete all the social media apps whenever I feel I need a break.

So Hootsuite lets you schedule posts for Business Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,etc all for free! The only thing is that in the free version you can use only 3 social media platforms and can schedule 30 posts/messages at a time. Also, you cannot schedule stories for any platform.

It has helped me not only in taking a break but also in being super productive. Do try it! It’s free and it’s awesome! You won’t regret it!

Miss Harshala

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