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  • 26 things about me!

    It’s a Birthday tradition to write a listed post list this one every year on my birthday. 2020 is a weird year and undoubtedly the entire 2020 is going to be the same. And because there are so many new people who have joined me on my journey, I thought I will pen down things […]

  • Hello Birthday month 2020!

    This is the first time in many years, I am not excited for my birthday. I won’t be buying any clothes, meeting my family or friends, dining out or enjoying our time in nature. This is the first year we Indians will be locked inside our houses. View this post on Instagram Hello Birthday Month! […]

  • 2000 days of motherhood

    ??2000 Days??Dear Little Miss Ira,Today it’s been 2000 days with you my little missy. While the world and my own people stood against me when I held you, you were there looking at me asking me to smile. While the world turned its back on us when I celebrated you, you asked me to giggle […]

  • Life never goes according to the plan

    If you are here, Welcome and thank you for coming to my almost deserted blog. When I decided I wanted to be a Fashion blogger in 2013, I never knew I could write. I have never been a reader and I have never written much except for exam essays and school stuff. Even in school, […]

  • Word of the Year 2020

    Hello there! Happy New year! I know its 9th of January 2020 and I am too late for a word of the year post. But as the saying goes, better late than never. So here I am writing this post and making the connection between us more personal. Because life is not always happy or […]

  • How I learnt to live with my illness

    It’s been 10 months now that I am unwell. After 3 sonographies, blood work, and finally a colour Doppler test the root cause was detected inside my body. All my life I had PCOD and I never knew what having a normal menstrual cycle felt like. But this time the results were different because the […]

  • Today is the 208th day of the year!

    Today is the 208th day of the year! This post is a reminder for you, the hardworking soul who despite everything that you face every day continues to do a little something for yourself. On most days, just like me, you forget to put yourself first, or second or sometimes on the list at all. We have […]

  • 24 thoughts on my 24th birthday

    18th May is my birthday. This birthday I want to share with you all a few thoughts that I had and have changed me as a person. Please note – I am not a genius and these are not my original thoughts or concepts. I came across these concepts or philosophies mostly in the past […]

  • From a Girl to a Woman

    Children for a 19 year old girl were cute cuddly bears who loved peek a boo and chocolates. I never knew what goes into raising a child as I am the youngest daughter of our family. When I took a decision to give birth, I just had roughly 2 months in my hand to make […]

  • Welcome to the one who made me a mother

    Hello, I have been MIA from here because well I just became a mother. To cut the long story short, I am now a single mother. The one who made me a mother has arrived and she is so gorgeous. My little daughter came to my world and the first one to receive the news […]