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  • Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base

    Nani ke nuskhe and mummy ka pyaar are the two things that a girl receives when she is young. My nani passed on many of her nuskha’s to our generation of siblings along with some brands that she used. One such brand is Vicco! We are one proud Vicco family. My nani used to use […]

  • That's me flaunting my proud Bindi / Tikli / Bindiya

    The purpose of Bindi

    In this post I will talk about the purpose of Bindi. A Bindi (Bindu in Sanskrit) is a red dot worn on the centre of the forehead. It is a bright dot of red colour applied in the centre of the forehead close to the eyebrow worn in the Indian Subcontinent. Also sometimes known as Bindiya […]