Cute Stationery from Anupam Stationery Store


Today after almost 49 days of staying at home with a new born I got a chance to go out of the house for sometime ALONE. While I could have done anything, I choose to go some stationery shopping for my new study desk because I have already missed my 1st semester exams and the 2nd one is approaching soon.

After what happened on my first day back to college I really needed to get out alone so that I can make myself feel stronger.

So I got these cute slipper/flip flop rubber, pink Duckie pencil sharpener (I frankly got this because it reminded me of my little girl, I call her badak (duckling) because she looks like one when in sleep.)

Got this gorgeous pink tray just because it was very pretty and the pen because aren’t they so chic?

Are you a stationery lover? Do let me know what did you love the most from my haul?

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