If motherhood had an outfit


Its been some days since I became a mommy to a little duckling. As much as I love my daughter, I have to admit mothering isn’t easy. For a 20 year old who has no idea how to be a mother I thought I was failing massively.

On just 14th day with my baby, she got a stomach bug, the hospital we were going to turned out to be a complete shit hole because their paediatrician gave wrong medicines to the baby and now they are not even letting us have the baby’s birth certificate without the father’s name.

While I was quick to sense that something was fishy with the medicines I immediately called for help and changed the doctor. But I don’t know what I am going to do about the birth certificate though.

The baby is absolutely fine now but I haven’t combed my hair or have worn a bra or a nice dress for 20 days now. Luckily my brother and sister in law just came back from their work trip from turkey and brought me this gorgeous blush pink jacket. Just to check if I am still the same size as I was before pregnancy, I tried it on only to realise I haven’t even seen my face in the mirror for the last I don’t know how many days.

Lose t-shirts and leggings are the only thing I wear. I can’t wait to wear this jacket outside.

Miss Harshala

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