2000 days of motherhood

🌈🎊2000 Days🎉🦄
Dear Little Miss Ira,
Today it’s been 2000 days with you my little missy. While the world and my own people stood against me when I held you, you were there looking at me asking me to smile. While the world turned its back on us when I celebrated you, you asked me to giggle with you. While you brought friendships that are like family today, you gave me hope. On days when I was in my PJs feeling like shit you made me look at myself when I was younger. I am not saying, that it’s Karma. Nope not at all. Because when I cried you told me mumma it’s ok, I am right here with you. On this crazy journey of motherhood, somewhere in between… you grew up to be my mother. You taught me life lessons that made me who I am today. There are things I fail at and there are things that I learn. There are days when I need help and there are days when I am a super woman. But there has never been a day when I haven’t felt loved. I can tell you for sure that you have been that annoying sister and that comforting best friend to me for all 2000 days.
I hope one day when you grow up and someone asks you how was your relationship with your mom like? you feel the same way I do. #blessedbeyondmeasure
Thank you for choosing me as your mother. Thank you for being my little puppy, my annoying little sister that I never had and my comforting best friend that I never imagined I could meet. But most importantly thank you for making me feel loved and wanted every single day.

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