26 things about me!

It’s a Birthday tradition to write a listed post list this one every year on my birthday.

2020 is a weird year and undoubtedly the entire 2020 is going to be the same. And because there are so many new people who have joined me on my journey, I thought I will pen down things about me that I am comfortable to share with my e-family.

So as I turn 26 this year, here are 26 random things about me –

  1. I can eat Paani Poori all day everyday.
  2. I am an Aagri(Maharashtrian/Marathi) and was raised as a non vegetarian with sea food (Read – Crabs) being my personal favourite.
  3. I am a Vegan since September 2019.
  4. I am a multi passionate person and that has helped me to be a better homeschooling mom & blogger.
  5. I once worked with Netflix as a blogger. (2017-2018)
  6. I have had a 1 surgery in October 2019.
  7. I hate coffee. Even the smell of it.
  8. I hate chocolate flavoured ice cream, cake and the random chocolates that you get in the market.
  9. I love fruits and all my birthday cakes are either fruit flavoured or dry fruit flavoured, so are my ice creams.
  10. I cannot survive on bland food, I need mirchi in my food and life.
  11. I absolutely love the beach and water. I am a water baby.
  12. If I have 3-4 hours of free time you will find me and my daughter sitting at Marine Drive every alternate day.
  13. I have two pet turtles named Ross & Rachel.
  14. I have a thing for virtual games since childhood.
  15. All my best friends stay in different cities now.
  16. I stay in Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  17. I have a thing for cute paper products.
  18. I write better than I speak.
  19. I am a socially awkward person.
  20. I am an old school at heart. I will choose garma garam chai and pakode over fancy exotic meals or partying.
  21. I have body image issues that I am yet to talk about. (This is the first time I am acknowledging them)
  22. I was born & raised in Vasai for 18 years.
  23. I am a foodie, but I believe with only desi taste buds. I have most Firangi khana.
  24. I absolutely love playing Bingo/Housie (without any involvement of money)
  25. I am a good cook (But I still haven’t learnt to make round rotis because I don’t like rotis) I am more of a rice person.
  26. And finally, my favourite chocolates are Ravalgaon candies(The colourful ones and Panpasand).

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