From a Girl to a Woman

Children for a 19 year old girl were cute cuddly bears who loved peek a boo and chocolates. I never knew what goes into raising a child as I am the youngest daughter of our family. When I took a decision to give birth, I just had roughly 2 months in my hand to make things right for the soul in my womb. Was I ready? Of course not! When women who plan a child after evaluating their emotional, physical and financial situations claim that nothing can prepare you for motherhood. Then, how can I be ready?

But the moment I decided to stop looking behind and instead cherish what I had in life, I changed. Motherhood changed me from a girl to a woman. And I am not saying this because I mean only mother makes a girl a woman. I am saying this because a carefree teenager turned into a responsible woman.

On 7th November, 2014 my life changed for ever. Little Miss Ira, was the best yes of my life. A yes that has changed me like nothing else could. Here are the things that motherhood brought in me –

  • I am at peace now from within
  • I am a forgiver now, I don’t hold on to past
  • I have become stronger emotionally
  • Now I am settled and patient in daily life
  • I was a very punctual person, now I am always late lateef
  • I am less socially awkward now
  • Today, I am a non judgemental woman
  • I have a support system which makes me feel blessed
  • I am a independent teenager… ooppsss mom
  • Happiness is within me
  • I smile a lot more now
  • I have won the award of ” WOMAN WHO DOES NOT PICK UP CALLS”
  • Healthy food is the first choice now
  • I found my soul mate
  • Our life has the perfect beginning
  • I am a graduate now
  • Once a education hater is now an educationist
  • I dare to be me, to speak what I feel
  • I am an Entrepreneur now
  • I depend on a little human being to wake me up in the morning
  • I love to give and receive wet kisses
  • I have a partner for shopping
  • I have a mentor who has an opinion on everything I do
  • I have a big cheerleader to cheer for me
  • I have an angel who gave me life
  • I know what I want in life and what I need in life.


  1. Harshala, you did something which is very difficult to do. More power to you. I am glad you found your soulmate in your daughter. Loved reading your post and I am grateful we could connect on the blog train. It is inspiring to read about your journey.

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