Life never goes according to the plan

If you are here, Welcome and thank you for coming to my almost deserted blog. When I decided I wanted to be a Fashion blogger in 2013, I never knew I could write. I have never been a reader and I have never written much except for exam essays and school stuff. Even in school, I never participated in a writing competition or anything that was related to literature. Being a Fashion blogger didn’t involve a lot of writing.

But after life took an unplanned turn, I started writing. I started writing because I had so much to say and no one to talk to. I was surrounded by many but I was all alone because life didn’t go as planned. But that unplanned twist made me who I am in life today. A single mom with the most caring and understanding daughter. A woman who knows who she is, what she is and what she wants to do.

In between all the chaos, I found my voice. I found myself. And writing empowered me by allowing me to share my voice with the world.

I have accepted it. Life never goes as per the plan. If you are alive in 2020, you know why this is true today more than ever. With the Corona Pandemic, life has stopped for many. All the plans have changed and it is causing anxiety in many.

One of my friend had to wait for 1 week to come to India to meet her family in January. And her husband had to wait for 2 weeks to come to India this month. I can’t imagine the amount of pain they both must be under.

Another single mom friend of mine was going to shift to Melbourne in April with her daughter, but now she has to postpone it for I don’t know how many weeks or months. She has waited for almost 3 years to see that day and now the future is uncertain.

I on the other hand was supposed to move out into a rented house and start a new life on 25th March, Gudi Padwa. But here I am, stuck in the same life, same house and same people with the same old fear, anxiety and depression.

Because Life never goes according to the Plan.

So what are we all going to do?

We are hanging in here with a lot of Hope for today. We are trying to be positive about today. Because all that matters today is that we stay alive. Our family and friends stay alive and we can help humanity to over come this anxious times.

Tell me about your failed plan in the comments below. Because talking about it is all we can do apart from learning. And always remember, Your plan failed. Not you or your life.

Miss Harshala

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